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Optical Design & Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

Opticology, Inc. is a design and engineering company specializing in optical science and technology.Opticology provides full-service optical design, engineering and manufacturing to a varied client-base ranging from small private companies to universities, and non-profit research institutes.

The greatest value to our customers is the support they find in the breadth of our services. We are a project-oriented firm and
excel in early stage development and research. Our experience lends itself to great problem solving capabilities, supported by our full-service laboratories and fabrication shops.


in-stock optical products

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Colored Glass Absorptive Filters
Equal-Thickness Density Sets
Visible Neutral Density Filters in 2” squares and 1” diameter
Density Filters for the ultraviolet (UV)
Density Filters for the near infrared (NIR) 1064nm
Density Filters for the near infrared (NIR) 1550nm

Coming Soon -
Colored glass Bandpass, shortpass, and longpass optical filters
Right angle prisms, penta prisms, beamsplitters
Polarization optics, waveplates

Optical Design & Engineering

Lens Design for Complex Imaging Systems

Optical System Design for Laser Systems & Instruments
Three-Dimensional Mechanical Modeling
Precision Mechanical & Opto-mechanical Design and Fabrication
Product Design and Development Consultation
Research Support Services
Analytical, Control, and Application Software
Optical Manufacturing
Precision Lenses, Mirrors, Windows, & Prisms for beam manipulation of free space and fiber optic based laser systems
Custom geometries of common and exotic optically active and passive Optical Crystals.
Generic Optical Components for general laboratory imaging and non-laser based systems.
Mechanical Support for Optical Systems, Prototypes and Custom Fabricated Precision Mounts for Optical Components and Accessory Mechanical Components.
Critical Subsystems : Pre-Assembled and Aligned Optical Systems in Mechanical Mounting Fixtures Specialty Optical Subsystems from Multiple Components

Optical Fabrication
Precision Opto-Mechanical Parts
Optical Crystals
Critical Assemblies & Optical Sub-assemblies