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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

Custom Optical Filters

Opticology, Inc. offers a line of absorptive-type density filters designed to work in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and the near infrared (NIR) in varying optical density and neutral density sets, now available from stock.

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In addition, Opticology offers custom optical filters fabricated from colored glass manufactured by Schott Glass Technologies and other raw material suppliers. These filters can be supplied from any of the 80 or so available glass types to your exact specification for research, engineering, or production OEM systems. Schott Glass

Color Filter Glass Colored glass filters can be used as an economic alternative to thin-film coated filters. They work on the principal of absorption, are generally more durable than coated filters, easier to clean and handle. They also have advantages over metallic thin-film density filters, as colored glass can withstand radiation from high-power lasers without damage.

Optical Filters
Optical Filters

Applications include:
Opticology.comNeutral Density Filters (Spectrally flat attenuation).
Opticology.comHigh-Power Laser Attenuation
Opticology.comLongpass, Shortpass or Bandpass Filter
Opticology.comBlue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Filters
Opticology.comHeat-absorbing filters
Opticology.comInfrared (IR) transmitting filters
Opticology.comUltraviolet (UV) transmitting filters
Opticology.comBase substrate for blocking prior to applying thin-film coating

Neutral Density Filter Sets

Opticology offers calibrated Neutral Density Filter Sets fabricated from neutral gray glass. These filters offer relatively flat transmission from 400nm out to the near infra-red.

Opticology manufactures these sets on a custom basis to the wavelength and density values of your choice, and any size up to 6.5” in any shape. Optical quality of the filter set can be specified from commercial to precision (e.g. laser quality).Neutral Density Filters

We also offer a stock set of 5 equal-thickness filters with nominal optical densities (OD) for the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and near infrared (NIR). Unlike conventional filter sets, these are made from the same thickness for each density value. The filter sets are available from stock in 1" diameter.

** Click Here to order stock Equal-Thickness Neutral Density Filter Set **

Any of our filters are available mounted in a black anodized aluminum cell, or sets can be ordered in convenient storage boxes - please inquire:
Phone: 212-243-4328 or email filters@opticology.com

Custom Filters Polished to Transmission

Colored filter glass has applications in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions of the spectrum and the properties of the transmission change depending on thickness.

Color Filter GlassOpticology.comColor Filter Glass

Unlike most optical shops, Opticology polishes filter glass to your desired transmission not merely to a specified thickness. Since colored filter glass can vary as much as 20% from melt (material lot) to melt, for accurate filtering applications polishing to thickness is unacceptable.

Using this process, Opticology can hold tight optical density (OD) specifications and has done so to better than 0.020 OD.

Ultra-Precision Filters

In addition to polishing-to-transmission, Opticology fabricates filter glass to high dimensional tolerances and with precision quality surfaces for laser, astronomical, or military/defense applications. Parts can be finished to precision to the following specifications:
Optical Filters
Optical Products
Opticology.comFlatness: 1/20 wave
Opticology.comThickness: +/-0.02mm
Opticology.comParallel: 10 arcseconds
Opticology.comScratch/Dig: 10/5

High quality dielectric anti-reflection coatings can be added to the surfaces if required reducing surface reflections to <0.2% narrowband or <0.5% broadband.


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