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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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Opticology, Inc.
135 West 20th St.
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New York, NY 10011
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  Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

OPTICOLOGY is a New York City based optical engineering company specializing in the design, development, and implementation of complex optical systems. Its founding members are a group of scientists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals with years of experience in the optical industry. The group provides full service engineering and design, project management and coordination, as well as component manufacturing, to corporations, universities, and non-profit research institutes.

Our expertise is in optical design and engineering for systems in the medical device, analytical instrument, and commercial imaging systems. Opticology frequently builds prototypes, participates in research and development projects, and develops product. Also provided are supporting services including mechanical design, fabrication, and software development, bringing the whole project together. Often, we participate in the coordination and management to successfully complete the project. Our contacts span many industries, and if we are not able to meet your need in a particular area, often we can refer you to a qualified vendor who can.

What sets us apart is our ability to manufacture custom and volume optical components and subsystems, as well as mechanical components, delivering a complete system. Our capabilities go beyond design, as we have a custom optical shop that produces precision optics to the most stringent tolerances. Though we regularly produce precision optics from common optical materials, our shop specializes in polishing exotic materials and crystals.

Opticology's mission is to provide the highest quality engineering and design to its clients in a very personalized, dedicated, and confidential manner. Contact us now with your system or component requirement. An engineer will respond immediately to discuss how Opticology can help you....references available.